Peonies and Love

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I’m not sure why peonies are my favorite flower. Maybe it’s that I grew up with floral arrangements of roses, carnations and baby’s breath so when I first saw what I thought were roses on steroids, I was astonished. But more likely it’s because l knew my Chinese mother-in-law loved them.

I brought a bouquet of white lilies to my first mother’s day as a newly married daughter-in-law. She didn’t seem pleased when I gave them to her, yet she was still gracious. I don’t think the arrangement ever made it to a vase. Later that evening, my husband told me white lilies in the Chinese tradition were considered funeral flowers to be displayed by a casket. My husband gently suggested we bring peonies next time. He said they were her favorite flower.IMG_5913

Eighteen years later my husband died in the winter.   I wanted to bring them to his memorial service but it was February and I couldn’t find a florist that had them. That spring, I planted peonies throughout my yard. They only bloom for a short period of time. They are perhaps the most ephemeral flowers I know, but I  remember my mother-in-law saying that she looked forward to them blooming in her family’s courtyard in Shanghai every spring. And I remember my husband bringing them home every June and handing them to me with a huge smile on his face.

Maybe it’s ironic or just coincidental but my daughter’s favorite flowers are peonies. The other day she walked through the door with a beautiful smile carrying two huge bouquets of peonies. Today our house is full of peonies and the sweet remembrance of my mother-in-law and my husband and the ever-present love of my beautiful daughter in whom I see traces of my husband and her grandmother everyday. Yes, life and love are short and ephemeral like peonies, so when in bloom appreciate.IMG_5917

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