Are You Cool?

Real Parenting

uncool3I was cool, but no longer. My kids say I’m ‘like uncool.’ In other words, my cool is their uncool. If you can agree with any of the following, you are no longer cool. You’re uncool. Welcome to the club!

  1. You type texts on your with your index finger?
  2. You leave 2 spaces between sentences.
  3. You get out of the car, take your phone and the GPS App starts giving you directions in the store.
  4. You have a home phone.
  5. The main use of your land line phone is to call your cell phone so you can find it.
  6. On Facebook you post an obituary and tag the deceased.
  7. You believe in the practicality of fanny packs.
  8. You still turn around when you back up in the car although you have a backup camera.
  9. You watch the network evening news.
  10. You watch it on a television.
  11. You pay bills via snail mail.
  12. You write in cursive.
  13. When you listen to music and hear a song you like, it’s a remake of a song originally sung by a group at least 20 years ago.
  14. You don’t recognize the names of the majority of current bands.
  15. You think your daughter’s dresses are shirts.
  16. You tuck your shirts in pants.
  17. You own a velour workout suit.
  18. You believe the word Brazilian should only be used in reference to a person, not a beauty procedure.
  19. You have email account with AOL.
  20. You wear clogs and you aren’t a a doctor, a nurse or cook.
  21. You think a hook-up is something on the back of your car.
  22. You wear sneakers in neon colors.
  23. You think tattoos are only appropriate for pirates.
  24. You wear a watch.
  25. You subscribe to a hard copy magazine or newspaper.
  26. You can’t turn on your home lights with your smart phone.
  27. You use a rolodex or date book.
  28. You require your son to take his hat off when he sits down at the table or in church.
  29. You pay by check or cash.
  30. You “drink” water as opposed to “hydrate.”
  31. You think it is rude for someone to look at her phone when she’s talking to you.
  32. You wear nylons.
  33. You feel bra straps should be covered by your top.
  34. You rent DVD’s.
  35. You want store receipts printed out, not just emailed to you.
  36. Black, grey or dark navy are the only clothing colors appropriate for funerals.
  37. You use a real clock for an alarm.
  38. You mail, via horse and buggy, invitations.
  39. You bank in a bank.

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Sibling Rivalry: I Love You Both!

Real Parenting

I have a daughter and son, both teenagers and one child asks, whom do I love most. “Both,” never satisfies as an answer but it should. I promise my child its not a cop-out. It’s the truth. Granted, I may LIKE one child more at different times, but never does my love wane for either one.  My frustration fluctuates, but that’s not love.

After I had my first child I thought I could never have another baby, for my love of my daughter was so powerful and strong it could never be replicated. If I were to have another child, it would be impossible for me to love him equally. That child would end up as the forgotten bag of groceries left in the shopping cart.

I never wanted my daughter to be an only child. I had 3 siblings growing up and it was wonderful. But as my biological clock ticked louder, I knew if I really wanted another child I needed to conceive ASAP. Like many decisions I’ve made, I went for my gut feeling and did it.

There wasn’t any less love for my daughter when my son was born.  Somehow my heart grew bigger and my love for my daughter grew as my love for my son blossomed. The more love I had for my children and husband the more love I had to give. Love is not limited, it’s infinite.

Sometimes, one child needs may require more attention and monitoring than the other but that should never be confused with the strength of my love. I love them both to infinity and beyond. I hope they will feel my love and love each other…someday.both1

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Does Falling in love exist after 50?

Real Parenting

Widowed? Divorced? Never Married? Bad Marriage?

Maybe you haven’t been ‘in love’ since your first love.  Maybe you’ve fallen out of love. Maybe there’s no desire to have sex. Or maybe you’ve just given up.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone after a certain age? I’m not talking about falling in lust or falling in love with the idea of being cared.

Is it possible to sexually desire someone? To feel overjoyed at a phone call? To look forward to being with someone?  To feel an attraction so strong that you actually daydream about being with him or her and can’t stop thinking about him?  I’m talking about the whole deal: to want to be with someone because it feels so right and exciting at the same time.

And what about all the baggage we’ve accumulated over the years? Let’s face it none of us look like we were in our teens or even forties.  And even if you’ve had tons of plastic surgery, great dermatological procedures, daily workouts and diligent dieting, the experiences you’ve gone through, can’t be eliminated with a little Botox..

Can love exist for people who’ve gone through heartbreak and lost? Or is love only  reserved for the young, the beautiful, the affluent?

I have little tolerance for bullshit. I want to edit through an individual and get to his core. Maybe it’s because my biological clock is ticking, not for a baby but for the possibility of enjoying the next thirty plus years of my life (hopefully) in love.

Maybe the answer to true love is a website away or maybe it’s a pipe dream and loneliness is better since at least it’s real and not a delusion.

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Grilled Vegan Pizza

Vegan Recipes

I admit it. I love cooking with family and friends. And yes I love art projects. I used to joke when I lived in Manhattan that if you were to jump on the sidewalk outside my apartment a cloud of glitter would emerge from its exterior. I love creating with my children. It’s a fun time to explore, joke and play.  Yet somehow at the age of 15 and 18 the glamor of spreading shaving cream sprinkled with glitter on the table top doesn’t cut it with my children.  Instead , I have substituted colorful veggies and play (or pizza) dough. And oh what fun we have. The pizza may not be pizza parlor perfect but I guarantee it tastes as good!



  • 1 store-bought bag of pizza dough (about 16 oz.)
  • 1 medium onion thickly sliced
  • 1/2 orange pepper and 1/2 red pepper (any types are fine) cut into large pieces
  • 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup Marinara sauce
  • Olive oil for grilling
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • 1/4 cup flour (for your hands and the surface so dough doesn’t stick)
  • Salt and pepper as desired


  1. Light the grill.
  2. While grill is pre-heating, decide if you want to make one large pie or smaller individual pizza so each kid can make her own. Let dough come to room temperature.
  3. Lightly flour cutting board and hands so the dough doesn’t stick.
  4. Now it’s time to channel your inner pizzaiolo although I’ve never successfully tossed a pizza into the air. A rolling-pin and hands, is my method of choice.


    5. By this time the grill is usually hot enough for grilling the veggies (450º). Grease the grill then add the veggies. After several minutes lightly grease the top of the vegetable before you flip them. Grill for a couple minutes longer then reserve.


  5.  Brush one side of pizza dough with olive oil and place oil side down on grill. Cook for several minutes. Then brush oil on the top and flip. At this point I add the cherry tomatoes to the grill.
  6. Brush the cooked side of pizza with Marinara sauce. Leave on grill for several more minutes watching carefully so the bottom of the pizza doesn’t burn.


  7.  When pizza is almost done top with veggie and basil.
  8.  Remove from grill and serve.IMG_6300


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