Think Twice Before You Divvy up the Check

Real Parenting

teamI have been shocked  by some people who insist on dividing a check total by the number of people at the table.  Most of my friends are sensitive to fair pay for what one orders so there’s no problem.

You may ask, why I don’t just ask for a separate check? Well my child is already painfully aware of his fiscal status and I don’t want to  appear cheap and embarrass my child even more then driving the ten year old car wreck that surrounds Escalades, Range Rovers, Lexus’, Audi’s and other brand new expensive cars.

Yet if you ever ask a  single unemployed mother who painfully tries to order the cheapest items on a menu: a glass of house white wine and veggie burger for herself and a hamburger and water for her son to divide equally with you who orders surf and turf for herself and son, with three glasses of top shelf vino, a soft drink, 3 appetizers and a dessert, WTF? Oh and by the way the offending party probably belongs to a country club, has a brand new car, many vacations during the year, a job and a husband who has a job. I don’t get it.

So I pose to everyone when it comes time to divvy up the check at team dinners: think about the people at the table and what they ordered.  Think about those of us who don’t eat at restaurants unless there’s no alternative.  Think about those who don’t order multiple drinks, appetizers, and desserts.  Know that our children are giving us anxious glances to see if we can afford the cheapest menu item. We are struggling and trying just to pay the utilities and taxes.  And if my child may have a bite of the chicken wings that you ordered, I apologize. This probably maybe the highlight of my child’s vacation. There’s not going to be a beach vacation, ski house, European or Caribbean tour.  I just want my child to enjoy the little I can give and still pay the bills.