I Don’t want your Husband, I want mine

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usI may ask you how to start the generator or how to work a chain saw to remove a fallen tree or what type of epoxy to use to replace tile or if I can borrow an axe but you tell me your husband does that. So, I ask your husband for advice.  Yes it’s more important to me to be friends with your husband for survival reasons but it’s one hell of a jump to think I’m making the moves on him.  I loved and love my husband. And after a terrible illness he is gone, not just to me but his children. Yet I still need to survive.  There’s no pot full of gold for my family after his death, there’s heartache and survival.

My neighbors exclude me from parties, but invite my son.  He’s at all the neighborhood spontaneous gatherings: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, the just because what the hell let’s have a party. But I’m never asked. Maybe that’s because I’m their worst nightmare, the 50 something widow without a life insurance policy payout. I know why you dread having me around.  I’m like the ghost of things to come in the Christmas Carol.

But that doesn’t mean you should shun all the single ladies.  I was married for twenty years. I’m not looking to entice your husband as my sugar daddy. I’m looking for advice on how to care for a home. I’m looking for employment. And yes, I’m looking for female friends.  I have thankfully one married woman who invites me to gatherings and welcomes me into her home.  Her husband, a doctor, was at my husband’s side in the hospital when he passed. To both of them I’m eternally grateful.

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